Step 1


During the brainstorming session, we determine the focus, proposition and script of the animations together.

Step 2


In this step we process any feedback on the script. After final agreement we start the storyboard.

Stap 3


Your story comes to life with the storyboard. We visualize in drawn frames how we want to design the animation.

Step 4


In a follow-up session we go through the storyboard together so that the final briefing for the animation process is dementerend.

Step 5


The real work can begin. We are going to build all the graphic elements and the animation. Including timing, tune and voice.

Step 6


To ultimately realise your animation. This is how we launch your story powerfully and purposefully together in 1 minute.

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The possibilities of


As an animation studio from Breda, we realise animations using different animation styles. Infographic Animations mainly consist of iconic elements. Character Animations are created based on appropriate characters. Of course we often combine these animations styles in Custom Animations.