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We regularly receive questions about corporate animations, explain animations and especially the animation process. Since these are often more or less the same questions, we have built this page to help you.

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And to answer these questions, we have listed the most frequently given answers here. If your answer is not listed, let our animation team know, because they will be happy to help you!

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What is an animation?

When you search within search engine Google for “What is an animation?” You almost immediately come across the following definition: animation is the illusion of movement through the playback of different still images. These are also called frames. Animating is a creative process, where you can realise all your fantasies in a video. This is how the most unique and memorable creations are created. Ultimately, an animation also has a purpose and that is why the script is just as important.

Why have an animation made for the healthcare sector?

An animation can be used in various sectors, and animations can also be used for many different purposes in the healthcare sector. This way you can use the animation to inform people clearly and conveniently. In addition, with animations you can also keep your staff informed of the latest technologies.

To answer this, we have placed 3 examples of infographics, made by animation studio ROI animations below.

ROI animations - launch | animatiestudio Breda
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A short video with fragments of the realised animation projects to show the different possibilities and animation styles. What works better than showing an example?

Click on “play” above and you will see our latest showreel! To know more about what we can do for your company, please contact us or check out the possibilities of animations below.

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As an animation studio from Breda, we realise animations using different animation styles. Infographic Animations mainly consist of iconic elements. Character Animations are created based on appropriate characters. Of course we often combine these animation styles in Custom Animations.

Do you want to explain a complicated working method, process or service in a unique way? Choose an Explain Animation. If you want to present your company in a distinctive way, this can be done perfectly through Corporate Animations.