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Voice Booking

Every animation needs a strong voice that fully matches the focus & strategy. The voice that records the animation provides clarity and the feeling you want to convey. We work together with the Dutch company Voice Booking.


ROI verhogen

As soon as an animation is ready, you naturally want this investment to yield maximum returns. In cooperation with parent company and marketing agency ROI verhogen, we help customers to make their animation video known to the target audience.

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More and more often we see that customers also use the animation physically as a presentation tool for representative / account and sales managers. We offer a great marketing tool by means of special DVD cards that we fully design in your corporate identity and have them realised by Pixio Card.



To complete an animation, it is provided with a suitable tune (background music). In collaboration with Envato we select the right tune for your animation. This is to realise the right feeling and emotion.

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As an animation studio from Breda, we realise animations using different animation styles. Infographic Animations mainly consist of iconic elements. Character Animations are created based on appropriate characters. Of course we often combine these animation styles in Custom Animations.

Do you want to explain a complicated workflow, process or service in a unique way? Choose an Explain Animation. If you want to present your company in a distinctive way, this can be done perfectly via Corporate Animations or opt for a static Infographic.