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An explain animation is a great marketing tool to promote or highlight your product / service. We cannot ignore the fact that moving images are increasingly being used as a marketing tool. And rightly so, in our view. Visual content is booming.

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Explain animations aim to represent a complex process / product / service in a way that is understandable for everyone. You can often visualise and present a complete process in one minute. This way you immediately get your brand animated!

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Our explain animations are very suitable for any industry. Regardless of the market, an animation video is a strong means to convey your story powerfully to your target audience.

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As an animation studio from Breda, we realise animations using different animation styles. Infographic animations mainly consist of iconic elements. Character animations are created based on appropriate characters. Of course we often combine these animation styles in custom animations.

If you want to present your company in a distinctive way, this can be done perfectly via corporate animations or opt for a static infographic.