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The use of characters in animations makes you feel involved in your explain animation or corporate animation much faster! This way your message comes across better and you really bring your story to life. ROI animations processes characters in both 2D and 3D animations.

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Character animation is a great marketing tool to promote and / or highlight your product / service. We cannot ignore the fact that moving images are increasingly being used as a marketing tool. And rightly so, in our view. Visual content and character animations are booming.


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Our explain and corporate animations with characters are very suitable for any industry. Regardless of the market, an animation video is a strong means to convey your story powerfully to your target audience.

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Both our corporate and explain animations can be built in two styles. In addition to character animations, we also realise infographic animations.

Character animations are often used as: corporate animations and explain animations and they all often return on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and websites. Animated content is also playing an increasingly important role in business and we, as an animation agency from Breda, are happy to contribute to that.